About me

Hey guys!

I’m a 30 year old Los Angeles native in the process of ditching the norm and taking the roads less traveled through volunteering, exploring, traveling, running and maybe a little bit of ranting.

Travel: I recently (11/2012) got bitten by the travel and have been obsessed with seeing the world ever since. I’d love to do it full time for a while at some point but in the meantime I’ll take the little getaways when I can get them. One things that’s bummed me out in researching my dream life as a nomad is that a lot of travelers don’t love LA. I hope to maybe shed some light on some activities to explore and experiences to be had in my city that might turn the “i hate LA” mindset around.

Volunteering: A few years ago I felt I was doing my part my simply donating here and there when I got a mailer or saw a particular commercial (I’m lookin at you Sarah McLachlan). Then I was invited by a friend to participate in a mentor mentee beach day for at risk youth and my love for volunteering was born. I currently spend my Saturdays volunteering with disabled children in therapy riding (horseback) I always welcome more opportunities to get involved.

Running: Well, this wasn’t initially going to be a running blog but then my dear friend completed her first marathon (10/13) and challenged me to run the next with her. As I’m coming back from a sidelining injury I’ll be using this blog to keep myself accountable in not repeating the same mistakes I made the first time, and putting in the effort needed to return to my beloved sport safely.

Nice to meet you and thanks for stoppin by!


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